My radio interview!

If you’re a Facebook friend (or a real-life friend) of mine, you probably know that today, Tuesday, May 11, l·c organizing was featured on a segment on 950 AM KPRC called the Texas Business Update, with host John Criswell.  It’s a short, 2-minute segment that airs weekly (I believe) on KPRC to spotlight a particular topic and a business that goes along with that topic.  It used to be aired during the Dave Ramsey show, but due to programming changes that happened this week, it came on during the Chris Baker show instead.

Today’s topic was “Getting Organized”!  The producer called me about a week and a half ago and said his researcher found me online, and they wanted to interview me for this segment on getting organized.  Of course I accepted and this past Friday, they recorded the segment (it was scripted to make things easier on both the host and me ~ I got to come up with answers to the questions they gave me, as well as change around any of the questions that I wanted), which played live today at 1:36 p.m.

I was thrilled that I got to represent professional organizers and the organizing profession on such a widely listened-to radio station! The producer actually told me that the reason he wanted to do this segment was due to his divorce about a year ago. He commented that he contacted a PO to help him, but before that, he had never heard of the profession before, and thought spotlighting it on the Texas Business Update would be a great thing for people like him who had never previously heard of it.  What a fabulous idea on his part, if I do say so myself!

I’m going to post the MP3 of the segment at a later date ~ unfortunately, I realized that I need a space upgrade to do that (grrrr…). I’ll try to get that up later this week, though!

For those of you who listened to the TBU on the air, thank you for your support!

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    Mandy Edwards said,

    Great job yesterday!!!

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