Ask and you shall receive (part 2)


Moving onto our hall linen closet…this is right outside of my daughter’s room and bathroom.  It holds a heavy comforter (on the floor in the comforter box), beach towels (first shelf), guest towels/washcloths/hand towels (two canvas bins on the second shelf), my sweet girl’s towels and washcloths (two canvas bins on the third shelf), sheets for the guest bed (green canvas bin), and an extra pillow.  Not thrilled that the extra pillow is just stuffed up there…I’m probably going to buy a linen storage bag like the comforter bag on the bottom for that.


This is my 2-year old’s closet.  The Elfa system holds socks in the first drawer, bloomers/diaper covers and skirts in the second (don’t have baby skirt hangers yet, but I should get some), crib sheets in the third, everyday blankets in the fourth, special/handmade blankets in the fifth (we got FIVE of these!  Sweet girl is so loved!), and then extra wipes in the fifth (I buy them in bulk whenever possible).  The tote to the right of the Elfa contains clothes that she’s outgrown ~ as she plows through her 18-month stuff (she’s a peanut), they go into the tote.  When it’s full, the clothes go to friends and/or Goodwill.  To the left of the Elfa system are two more totes, a small one that holds her Christmas decorations for her room (there aren’t a lot) and the bigger one is for her mementos.

Her shirts and dresses hang up in the closet.  Extra hangers to the left of those.  To the right, you’ll see the bright orange and pink day-by-day organizer.  I use this to put her clothes in for the week on Sundays so that we’re not rushing around trying to find outfits before school every day.  It’s only a five-day organizer; we’re usually pretty relaxed on the weekends so it’s not a big deal to take a bit longer picking out clothes.  To the right of that is her shoe organizer.  Next to those things on the floor, we keep her pack-n-play for when we travel.  On the top shelf of her closet are stacks and stacks of diapers.  I also stock up on those when they go on sale, and that’s where the extras live.  Her travel bags also stay up here for easy access when I’m packing her to go somewhere.

Another view (above).

This picture just shows her diaper changing station in her room.  I wish I had bought a cuter diaper tote to begin with, but oh well. Diapers, wipes, diaper bags (we don’t use a Diaper Dekor anymore; we just use diaper bags and throw them away immediately), a stain stick for dirty clothes (her hamper is to the left of her changing table), diaper cream/paste, hand sanitizer, and lotion reside in the caddy.

Last, but not least, this is a picture of her bookcase.  Her books got too messy just left in the bookcases by themselves, so I decided to house them in these green canvas bins.  That way, they stay organized, and she can pull out and put back the books she wants us to read to her without it looking completely chaotic.  The few stuffed animals she has upstairs live in the froggy three-pocket organizer hanging on the wall next to the glider.  I hate stuffed animals (because they’re dust collectors and she just doesn’t play with them very much; she only has a few that she sleeps with), so we don’t have very many.

WHEW.  That’s it for now!  Just to prove that I’m a real person and not 100% organized, I did NOT post pictures of one of my favorite closets ~ my gift closet ~ because it looks a hot mess right now since I’m storing all of the stuff that I’m selling on Ebay and Craigslist.  Otherwise, it is usually very neat and organized.  So, I’ll post those pictures another time.

Thanks for reading, and keep it simple ~

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