Ask and you shall receive (part 1)

I’ve had a few people ask me to see pictures of my own house, so without further ado…here they are!  I’ve started with the upstairs, and will do the downstairs next (either later this week or next week).  Explanation of each picture follows.  Please leave a comment if you have ANY questions about what products I used, how I did something, or why I organized a space the way I did.



This is my 3-drawer office supply/business supply cart.  I keep smaller office supplies in the top drawer, stuff for the business in the second drawer (need to label that), and filing supplies/notepads in the third drawer.  Unfortunately, my desk is not an ideal storage desk (I’m hunting for a new one), so although having this cart out in the open isn’t my favorite thing ever, it will have to suffice until I can get a new desk.  My printer resides on top.

My desk.  I try to keep it pretty neat and free of paper piles.  I loathe, hate, and despise paper, so I try to keep as little as I possibly can.  I do have a binder and a notebook on the left side for which I’m about to buy a magazine holder (like the ones I talked about in my last post) to store them.  It’s home-related stuff that we have to keep, but that’s too bulky to store in a hanging file folder.

My stationery tote sitting on top of my file box.  Any papers that we need to keep go in our hanging files.  I only have maybe 10 categories because we just don’t keep that much.  Oh, our taxes are kept in a separate file box like the one in the picture (except it’s not actually in this picture), with each hanging folder designating one tax year.  Keep your taxes for seven years, just in case you get audited.  You know, just in case.

My bookcase.  DH and I both love to read, but we honestly don’t have a lot of time to do it.  I don’t like keeping a ton of books, so this is all I have (plus a few more that are downstairs in my handy canvas book/magazine holder that I posted about a while ago from The Container Store.  Those are the ones I’m currently reading).  And yes, those are three out of the four Twilight series books on the second shelf to the far right.  Don’t hate on Twilight.  I don’t own Breaking Dawn yet because it’s still in hardback and I’m cheap.  But I have read it.  Anyway, I digress…


Okay, this closet is upstairs and is off of our workout room.  I call it the Hurricane Closet because it houses all of our important things/mementos (except for photos, which are currently downstairs in our media armoire, but I may move them up here eventually to keep all like things together).  In the event of a hurricane and evacuation, which most Houstonians have had to deal with in recent years, everything sentimental to us is in here.

Let me explain what’s in the picture.

On the right, in the corner, is a stack of plastic totes.  The very bottom one (red, you can’t really see it in this picture because it’s being blocked by the space heater) is the hubs’ memory box.  We are each allowed ONE ~ yes, ONE ~ memory tote to keep all of our childhood/important stuff in.  I purge mine quite frequently.  You can’t take this stuff into Heaven with you, people, and your children sure as heck don’t want to deal with all of YOUR mementos from your childhood.  Trust me.  No, really.

The blue tote is my memory box, and on top of that (the purple tote) houses our wedding stuff.  I have this great plan to scrapbook our wedding, but seeing as I am neither a scrapbooker, creative, nor doing it in a timely fashion (it’s been five years since we got married), I may just pay someone to do it for me and repurpose that box for something else.  Anyone know someone who would scrapbook for me?

Last, but not least, the small pink box on top holds Charlotte’s artwork that I am keeping from Mother’s Day Out.  The pictures she brings home week to week go onto a magnetic art strip that is on the wall in her playroom downstairs.  I take them down at the end of each week and go through them.  The ones I want to keep go into this box, but then once the school year is over, I’m going to go back through them and weed out further.  I will probably eventually (once every couple of years, maybe?  I haven’t decided) create a photo book on Shutterfly with pictures of her artwork so that I’m not keeping millions of sheets of paper.

Moving on ~ the black three-shelved piece of furniture houses projects that I want to tackle when I have a spare minute here or there. Those projects include going through my old papers and stuff, and putting the ones I want to keep in a binder with sheet protectors, which will in turn go into my blue memory box.  Some stuff I may scan to my computer, and some I might make a Shutterfly photo book for…I haven’t yet decided. Another basket holds Charlotte’s mementos (I just recently put a plastic tub in her closet for her mementos; I need to move this stuff in there) and a scrapbook for when I was pregnant.  Yet another basket holds VHS tapes that I want to have converted to DVDs.

However, as you can see, there’s also some non-sentimental stuff in here for which we needed a safe storage place (i.e., not the garage).  This closet houses the extra third row for my car, four nice folding chairs that we use occasionally, and two nice dining room chairs that we’re not currently using.  Part of our Super Yard (what we use as a makeshift toddler gate) is in here, but I need to move it out.

The picture above shows two under bed boxes (yes, I realize they are indeed NOT under a bed).  One has a couple of items of nicer clothing that I don’t quite yet fit into again, but realistically know I will once I shed a few pounds.  I’m not hanging onto things that I know I have no shot of fitting into anymore.  The other box holds my wedding dress quilt and my veil.  I need to find the necessary equipment to hang up my quilt.

Part 2 immediately following…

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