Something simple: magazine storage

One thing I run into with clients over and over again is how to store/what to do with magazines that they’ve kept.  Almost 100% of the time, they end up keeping a magazine because there is ONE article in there that they liked and wanted to reference again, only to lose the magazine under stacks of paper and other clutter….therefore rendering the magazine useless for its intended purpose!

I have two solutions for this problem that I recommend.

One is to cull through the magazines you have and throw out as many as possible, the rationale being that if you haven’t looked at or referenced the article for as long as the magazine has been buried under piles, you obviously didn’t need it that badly in the first place.  Throw it out (better yet, recycle it).  After you’ve whittled your pile down to a VERY respectable size, buy something like this

to hold and store the magazines that you’ve decided to keep.  And they’d better be really, super useful magazines to justify keeping the entire piece of literature.  Just saying.  But, these are pretty (there are tons of different types; the ones pictured above are from *drool* The Container Store), and they serve their purpose well.  They can live on a bookshelf or in a cabinet; wherever you access your magazines most often.

The second organizational method I recommend (and I prefer this one to the one above, as cute as those organizers are) is to sift through each magazine and tear out ONLY the article(s) you want to keep.  You’ll need a decent-sized binder (probably a 2-incher), some sheet protectors, and some dividers that you can label.  Once you have your collection of articles and you can see the categories that you’ll need, label the dividers according to those categories (for example, Decorating Ideas, Cleaning Ideas, Travel, etc.).  Then, put each article in a sheet protector ~ and, if you’re really feeling sassy, you can put TWO articles in each sheet protector and have one facing front and one facing back ~ and put the articles in their respective dividers.  Voila!  Now you have an easy, simplified way of referencing interesting articles from magazines you like without having to keep the entire, bulky magazine.

Oh, I lied.  I have a third idea that requires keeping no paper at all (my favorite).  If you have a scanner at home or access to a scanner somewhere, tear out the articles you want to keep and scan them onto your computer.  You can organize them by creating a folder specifically for magazine articles, and then creating subfolders for each category of article you have.  Isn’t that easy?  I think so.

To avoid the magazine-induced clutter trap in the first place, put your magazines as you buy them or get them in the mail in a central place where you’ll read them.  I’ve put this on Facebook before, but I have and LOVE this magazine wall rack from, where else, The Container Store (mine is in green, just in case you were dying of curiosity):

Once you’ve gotten a chance to read the magazine, go ahead and either decide whether you want to keep it, if you’re going to follow my first method (and again, make sure the ENTIRE magazine is worth holding onto ~ seriously), or tear out the article(s) that you want to keep and WILL reference again.  Then, recycle or toss the magazine and put the article in your binder o’ magazine articles, or scan it onto your computer for later use.

This is a really simple way to cut down on some of the paper clutter in your life!

Keep it simple ~

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    Lawfrog said,

    Love the idea of magazine holders in the first picture. I have two of those and keep magazines by category in them – one for personal, the other for professional publications I receive. If I haven’t read them within a couple of months, then I recycle them.

    This happens often with professional publications as I just don’t have the time to read everything I receive. It helps to have the professional stuff separated into its own magazine holder so that I can see how much is in there and see right away what is in there so I can quickly decide if I am actually going to read it.

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