Menu Plan Monday!

I haven’t done this in a while, but I really want to get back into doing it ~ it’s Menu Plan Monday, hosted by the awesome Laura over at

I actually usually plan my menu for the week ahead on Thursdays now (so, from Thursdays to Thursdays), but it still kind of throws me off…so I’ll give you what I have already this week.

Monday: sage-crusted pork chops (from Dream Dinners), salad, rice (don’t know what kind yet)

Tuesday: something from the freezer, dressed up frozen veggies, and probably leftover potato wedges from last week.

Wednesday: pork bbq sandwiches, homemade cole slaw

Thursday: leftovers

I don’t have Friday and on yet, but more than likely, Friday and Saturday nights will be leftovers and maybe takeout (the hubs and the boo will be out of town), Sunday will be a fend-for-yourself or leftovers night, and then I’ll have to think about next Monday through Thursday.

I like to use one Dream Dinners each week, try one (maybe two) new recipe, and then take stuff out of the freezer (casseroles, soups, pastas, etc. that I cooked a lot of and have previously frozen) to use.  I also try to have at least one to two nights of leftovers. It’s so easy to just eat out of your freezer, and I’ve really been trying to do that lately especially so I can cut back even more on my grocery bill.  Some nights, usually Sundays, if we don’t have leftovers, I’ll call it a “fend-for-yourself” night.  Those nights, I’ll usually make a huge salad with all kinds of stuff on it, and the hubs will eat chips and salsa or something equally as unsatisfying (in my opinion).

Sit down and plan out your menu for the week (whenever that “week” may be; obviously mine isn’t a typical Monday-Monday week!) ~ I promise you it will save you money at the grocery store and time in your life!  DO IT!

Keep it simple ~

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