How I came to be an organizer

No, this post won’t be full of organizing tips, but I feel like it’s important to let people know where I came from and how I got here. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some long, drawn-out life story, just the basics of how and why I chose to follow this path.

I am NOT one of those organizers who claims “I’ve been organized since I could walk!”  “I used to organize my sister’s clothes by type and color!”  “My parents found me organizing their kitchen utensils at the tender age of 3!”.  Great for those who have those anecdotes, but nope ~ not me.  I wasn’t terribly messy or hugely disorganized ~ I was just a normal kid, and then a normal teenager, and then a normal adult with probably a few too many knick-knacks and no real organization for any of them.  Nothing shocking or anything like that.  What really got the fire lit for me was when I packed up my apartment in preparation for my move to the new house my husband and I had bought back in 2004.  O-M-G.  The amount of STUFF that I had.  Crap.  Tchotchkes. Frames, random souvenirs, old law school books, papers, a collection of Beanie Babies (what?)…things that I didn’t care about, didn’t need, didn’t WANT, and were simply collecting dust.  I packed up some of it, but most of it made its way to the trash can or the “donate” pile.

And you know what?

It felt GREAT.  Liberating.  FREE!  I was freeing myself from things that I for some odd reason, felt like I should/needed to/had an obligation to keep, but in reality, I had no concrete reason to keep.  It was awesome, and I was hooked on making life as simple as possible, with as little as possible cluttering my way.

As far as the actual love of organizing, that came soon after, when I realized that the things that I did have I wanted to be neat, organized, everything-in-its-place.  So, my label maker came out of hiding, and I started to group like things together, put them in containers, and label them.

And I fell in love with organizing.  My stuff was my only focus at the time, but I started to realize quickly that I would love to do it for other people and help them to feel the freedom that comes after you’ve truly organized a space.  Organized a space and understood HOW to keep it that way and WHY you should keep it that way.  To help someone else come to the light, so to speak, is a fantastic feeling.

So, that’s my story.  And, oh yeah, I was an attorney (well, still am, just an inactive, non-practicing one).  Went to law school, practiced for one year, started the organizing business with my mom, put that on the back burner and went to be a career counselor at my alma mater law school, quit that after 2.5 years, had my precious daughter, and started up the business again. Voila!

That is how lc organizing came to be.

It’s an exciting story, I know.

Keep it simple ~

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